Sunday, April 11, 2010

More Derby

I got to go see another bout last night. The Sacred City Roller Girls vs. the Sonoma County Homewreckers. It was an interesting bout, and I still think the Sacred City girls are more rough than the Chico girls, but it is still undecided.

Also, my skates are on their way! I am so excited.

I also finished a pair of near-knee socks on the way to the bout. I'll get pictures later today.

Monday, April 5, 2010

A new adventure

Wow, I'm a really bad blogger. While I can't promise to actually be better, we'll ( I'll) see.

Today I am starting a new adventure. Kind of. I am at the last sign post to get to the entrance to becoming a roller derby girl. I have really liked the sport for about a year now, and have seen two real bouts, and few on-line. I have been skating on rollerblades for years, but now am going to make the switch to quads. After one DISASTROUS attempt before Christmas, I had all but given up. See, as a roller blader, I came to understand that all my control came from pivoting. Ankle support is key to blading, Well, I got a pair of rental quads (more on those pieces of.... well bad stuff, later) laced 'um up high and tight. I stood up, went three steps and promptly ran into the bench. I couldn't turn. As hard as I tilted my foot, no turning. Apparently, leaning doesn't really affect skates that have points of contact in perpendicular lines. Huh, go figure that I don't defy physics. I gave up after one turn around the rink, and returned to my lovely blades. I have gained some resemblance of confidence on blades and that was ruined on quads.

A few months later, I tried again. I did some research on line and discovered that ankles need to be free in order to turn on quads. I again rented a pair and got on the rink. 30 minutes in I was in tears. My arches were spasming. Now I wear high heels to work. I even have occasion to run in them. But skating? Absolutely killed me.

Now you may not understand what I am saying. I have found out that the common person (read: the majority of people, who haven't skated since they were 12, or in my family's case, the '80's) doesn't understand what the boot of a skate looks like. A woman's quad boot can come in two kinds, artistic and speed. Artistic is reminiscent of an ice skaters boot. It has a heel. Most women's quads have an artistic boot. Who, may I ask, wants to skate in heels? Apparently no one. Every person I saw on the rink who owned their own quads had a speed skate, which is more reminiscent of a sneaker. With my family, this is what they remembered, and is what I remembered, as kids' skates do not have heels. So every time I told them I was looking for skates without a heel, they gave me the funniest looks as they tried to imagine some sort of Frankenstein dragster skate.

Now, after my freeing my feet from their stiletto prison, I had all but signed the death certificate on my derby girl dreams. The husband insisted that I get a pair of men's skates, as they did not have a 1 1/2 heel. I had to try on about 3 pairs before I found one that fit. Wouldn't you know, it really helped. I was able to do my cross overs before an hour was up. The skates were still a bit big, and I earned myself a blister. I wasn't able to cross over after the blister formed, but I was fairly happy. I would have been happier if the husband, a dyed-in-the-wool-hate-quads-with-every-fibre-of-my-being rollerblader, hadn't ended the evening with backwards skating, turns, and a few jumps.

Well today, at approximately 8:30 a.m, I ordered my very own pair of quad skates. GT-50's fitted with clear red outdoor wheels. The GT-50's are supposed to be a bit wider, so hopefully they will fit my 6 1/2 wide feet. I am nervous about the fit. I wore men's 6 at the rink, and when I measured, I got the size 6 measurements, but when converting to a normal woman's shoes, it's a size 8! I am a consistent 6 1/2 wide. I wear a 6 tennis shoe, and can wear a 7 if they're shorter. I'm hoping that a thick sock will help, if need be.

I got the outdoor wheels because here in my little podunk city, we don't have a roller rink. The closest one is 45 minutes a way, in any direction. However. we do have a skate park. So outdoor wheels it is. I'll get some indoor wheels in June, when I have more money, and no sock club order.

In 1 to 7 days, I'll have my very own skates.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Month of stuff

I am still knitting. The last month was busy. Hopefully this one will be better.

I finished a pair of socks!

Pattern: Pomatomus
Yarn: Collette Jitterbug in Velvet Damson
And a second!
Pattern: Snowflake Lace Socks
Yarn: Wildefoote Luxury Sock

The husband's sister is having a baby. Unfortunately for me they aren't going to find out what the sex is, so GENDER NEUTRAL KNITTING! (This may change. We have another friend with child, and while we also don't know that one either, my odds are good that ONE will be a girl and I can use my girly scraps.)
Pattern: Mitered baby blanket
Yarn: James C. Brett MarblePattern: Two Round Baby Hat
Yarn: Debbie Mumm's Transitions

I also started a project to eat up my bigger stashes.
Pattern: Apres Surf Hoodie
Yarn: Knit Picks Gloss